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Hannah banana

Hannah Banana Red Tutu Skirt

Hannah Banana Red Tutu Skirt

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A skirt that is like a joyful hug for your outfit. It's bright red, just like a dancer's skirt. Imagine feeling like a ballerina with every spin! The name "Hannah Banana" makes it sound like a happy friend, and "tutu" means it's extra playful. So, if you want to add some twirls and giggles to your day, this skirt is the way to go! 🩰🍌👗😄

  • Full elastic waist
  • Vibrant 4th of July red with sparkling glitters
  • Right above the knee length
  • Great Independence Day gift for your special girls!
  • The perfect red for the Holiday seasons from the 4th of July (Independence Day), Halloween, Christmas (pictures), and/or New Yeats.
  • Imported
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